enterprises, multi-business enterprises or parts thereof

We prepare expert opinions to determine the value of enterprises and multi-business enterprises, or their parts, including assets and liabilities, and their sale or rent. The valuation of multi-business enterprises is our specialty, Ing. Tomáš Buus, Ph.D. is the author of the first methodology for the valuation of multi-business enterprises published in Czech. In addition, this methodology finds direct application in valuing transactions (for the purposes of sale and purchase of an enterprise or ownershio interest). We can also determine the value of the shares or interests in a company or its assets and liabilities.

To determine the value of the company, we use income, cost or comparative methods, according to the type of business being valuated. To determine the market value, we abide by the International Valuation Standards.

We valuate enterprises especially in the following cases:

  • Enterprises are part of transformation – i.e. merger, division, change of legal form, transfer of net assets to a partner/shareholder,
  • Enterprise is the subject of a non-monetary contribution to share capital of the company,
  • The transfer of an enterprise between related parties,
  • Documenting the adequacy of consideration on cases of squeeze-outs and takeover bids,
  • Inheritance and bequest proceedings,
  • Insolvency proceedings.