property and property rights

We provide expert reports or opinions on the valuation of both property (e.g. buildings, apartments, land, and utilities)
and the rights relating to property (mortgages, easements).

Expert opinions on the valuation of property are intended to determine either its market value (i.e. the so-called usual price) or the price established under special legislation (i.e. the so-called administrative price); in justified cases value in use may be determined (the value of the benefits from using assets for the existing or potential owner). To determine the market value of a property, we use the comparative, income or cost methods based on the type of the property being valued. We proceed using the International Valuation Standards and Act No. 151/1997 Coll., on Valuation of Property, or we perform the valuation of property according to the decree implementing the Act on Valuation of Property.

The valuation of property or property rights is usually required for the following purposes:

  • Calculating property transfer tax, gift tax or inheritance tax,
  • The sale of property or property settlements,
  • Repossession or insolvency proceedings,
  • Determining usual rent of property,
  • Determining the value of lien (e.g. when drawing loan),
  • Determining the value of easements,
  • Litigation in the matters of pre-emption rights or usual rents.