fixed assets

We offer sophisticated expertise on the valuation of all movables (tangible assets), such as vehicles, machinery and equipment, technical facilities, computers and accessories, etc. The goal of valuation of fixed assets is to generally determine their market value (i.e. the so-called usual price); an alternative, however, in justified cases may also be value in use (the value of the benefits from using these assets for the existing or potential owner). We always abide by the appropriate valuation standards.

For the valuation of fixed assets, we normally use comparative or cost methods. The decision, which method we use for the valuation purposes, primarily depends on the type of property being valued – its valuation must capture its value in the best way. The valuation of movables is usually necessary for the following purposes:

  • Litigation,
  • Tax purposes,
  • Property transfers,
  • Concluding lease agreements,
  • Establishing lien,
  • Non-monetary contributions to a company’s assets.