About us

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„Comprehensive expert services in the field of valuating and assessing transfer pricing.“

About Expert Group

  • founded in 2010
  • in 2012 appointed an expert institute in the field of economics
  • provides comprehensive services in the field of valuation, damages and loss of profit assessments, transfer pricing and other areas.
  • priority is the emphasis on scientific reasoning, logical correctness, internal consistence and understandability of the provided expertizes
  • cooperates with the academia
  • the leading appraisers
    • have 10year+ experience in their areas
    • take part in scientific research and university teaching in their areas
    • have experience in valuation of hundreds of valuations of  businesses, receivables, financial derivatives, guarantees, intangible, tangible and real property
    • took part in valuation of banks, insurance companies, telco companies, steel mils, engineering companies and also small family firms
    • have made combined experience of hundreds of reviews and assessments of other experts’ opinions

Achievement of high quality of service for each specialty of our expert activities is guaranteed by people who are scholarly active in their fields through lecturing at universities and publishing in scientific and specialized journals accounting (both financial and managerial)

  • macroeconomics and fiscal policy
  • business valuation
  • property valuation
  • tangible asset valuation
  • financial asset valuation
  • financial management, including financial management of multibusiness enterprises (holdings)
  • capital budgeting and long-term financing
  • tax policy
  • transfer pricing