About us

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„Comprehensive expert services in the field of valuating and assessing transfer pricing.“

About us

The company Expert Group s.r.o. (Limited Liability Company) was founded in 2010, and in 2012 it was appointed an expert institute in the field of economics. Our expert institute was founded as a result of developing the expert activities of its members and the cooperation of more than a dozen experts and professionals. Our expert organization provides comprehensive services in the field of valuation, damages and loss of profit assessments, transfer pricing and other fields.

Our expertise will provide you with unwavering support in litigation, arbitration, squeeze-outs, takeover bids and negotiations with government authorities.  For more details about our specialties, see the sections Services  or Qualification.

The managing director of expert institute Expert Group s.r.o. is Ing. Tomáš Buus, Ph.D., who, as an expert and appraiser since 2004, delivered more than 100 successful reports and studies, none of which  has been  either challenged in a court of law or technically questioned. Ing. Tomáš Buus, Ph.D., as well as other key personnel at Expert Group, is also active in academia, both in research and teaching at universities.

The priority of all our work is the emphasis on quality and the argumentation power of our expertise. Achieving high quality of service for each specialty of our expert activities is guaranteed by people who are scholarly active in their fields.